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Saeed Ali Ghodran & Sons “Closed Joint Stock Company”

Founded by Sheikh Saeed Ali Ghodran “may Allah have mercy on him” in the 1940s.  Saeed Ali Ghodran established a highly reputed pioneer in the business sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  With the Head Quarters located in Dammam, the company has thrived over the years through providing high end and world class products and services to the local and regional market.

In gratitude to our business partners and customers, Saeed Ali Ghodran & Sons maintains its reputation as one of the leading and fastest growing investment companies in the Kingdom.  Its key focus is to provide Shariah Compliant Products and Services to the local and global market.

The company currently focuses on investments through the diverse businesses it operates.  These businesses extend from Industrial and Agricultural Products to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FCMGs), Travel & Tourism services via its Hotel and Resorts and in support of the health sector through its Hospital and Pharmacies.   Its sustainable growth and assets equal more than 2.1 Billion Saudi Riyals (560 Million US dollars), providing a solid foundation to its shareholders.