Business Development Head

Job Code LO- 001
Job Title Head of Logistics
Location Dammam
Department Logistics
Posting Date 09-08-2018
Closing Date 09-09-2018
  • Oversee assigned fleet’s operations and make direct reports to the Head of Operations/Department on fleet performance and other operational requirements
  • Obtain and maintain truck licensing, registrations and permits
  • Direct activities related to dispatching, routing, and tracking vehicles
  • Plan, organize and manage the work of subordinate staff to ensure that the work is accomplished in a manner consistent with organizational requirements.
  • Direct investigations to verify and resolve customer or shipper complaints
  • Obtain and maintain annual inspections by regulatory authorities or in line with contractual obligations from counter-parties
  • Oversee proper use of fuel rations; maintain log and account for fuel and oil storage tanks
  • Maintain daily inspections
  • Maintain work orders
  • Conduct local safety meetings
  • Work closely with the Fleet Maintenance Manager to oversee and schedule fleet maintenance and repairs
  • The opening of work orders
  • Researching parts availability and costing
  • Approve the issuance of purchase orders
  • Make and advise recommendations to Human Resources Department, through the Head of Departments, on training, annual leave or off-days, scheduling, reprimanding, hiring, and termination of recalcitrant employees
  • Oversee proper maintenance of parts and other consumables’ inventory
  • Responsible for operations ground safety
  • Develop, maintain and ensure adherence to disciplinary procedures and drivers’ orientation program

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Career Level

  • Top Level


  • Education: Minimum Bachelors
  • Experience: 12-20 years of experience in fleet management.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Nationality: No preference
  • Language : No Preference
  • Gender : Male

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