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Saeed Ghodran Group contribution towards the Kingdom 2030 vision.

In accordance with the 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia Saeed Ghodran Group implemented their 5-year Business Strategy starting 2017 that will ensure an ongoing sustainable growth to all Business sectors (Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, Healthcare, FMCG, event management and investment).

Considering the above, the group have rapidly increased the number of women in most of its Business sectors and factories where the group were a pioneer in hiring ladies in their factory since inception. Recently 40 women were hired in FMCG factory comprising 40 % of total work force.

the group also contributed heavily for raising the proportion of the Kingdom’s exports by exporting 90% of its Petrochemical products to more than 42 countries worldwide.

The group also strives to raise the contribution of small and medium enterprises, create new job opportunities and support Saudization at all levels in all sectors.

Moreover, with the objective to support the 2030 vision the group implemented a plan to include 2030 vision into their 5-year strategy by embedding the look, feel and spirit of the 2030 vision in all their branding material, marketing materials, stationaries, advertising and communications.

Finally, and as part of its commitment to Social Responsibilities the group has been playing in the past an effective and active role in supporting and sponsoring many charitable events and activities and aims to continue and increase it in the future.