CEO MessageOctober 2017

The new frontier for SGG is on the horizon, where transformation is on its way and “change” is inevitable.
“When culture and civilization clash, eventually, culture will WIN”
Changing the culture is our backbone for transformation. A culture of respect, transparency, honesty, discipline, on time delivery and achieving targets through teamwork will measure our performance and is our key to future success.
Our aim is to be a global player in the next 5 years in alignment with Kingdom’s vision 2030.
The group’s strategy for the next 5 years, starting 2018 is “5 x 5”. Our target is to achieve SAR 500,000,000 revenue in 5 years. By implementing the following Roadmap…

  • 2017  Transformation
  • 2018  Stability
  • 2019  Streamline
  • 2020 Performance
  • 2021  Growth
  • 2022  Global

SGG’s main focus will be on our most valuable asset “Our Team”, through further development, career path improvements and above all each and every individuals wellbeing, by providing a comprehensive insurance program, staff saving plan, traning programs, incentive programs, bonus schemes based on achievements.
On the other hand, the group is determined and entirely committed to meet our clients, suppliers and partners promises, obligation and expectations to achieve our 5 years objectives. Therefore, I personally commit to thrive and provide the best quality products and services.
Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all our personnel, clients, suppliers and partners for their continuous support and understanding througout our transformation. As we count and value their support and understanding in our 5 year journey.
With the blessing of Allah All Mighty, I strongly believe and have complete faith, that we will achieve our mutual goals. We will stand tall in our beloved country and Insha’allah (God willing), be a key memeber of the Kingdom’s business community by participating and adding value in achieving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabi’s vision 2030.
Warm Regards,


These past few months have been only the glimpse of great future ahead of us.  We will be facing major challenges and changes to our group, partners, clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders. Moreover, I like to assure to everyone that we are a solid brand, and we commit to our obligations and deliverables with a history of great performance, that goes back to more than 70 years. I would like to express my gratitude to the Shareholders and Board of Directors that have given me this trust, opportunity and responsibility to be part of the business pioneer built by Sheikh Saeed Ali Ghodran “may Allah have mercy on him “. With the support of the board and shareholders, we have just started to pave the way on establishing a new strategy, culture and a more solid future for the group.  Our aim is to focus on the 5 pillars of our groups most precious assets, that starts with are our People, Strategy, Business Lines, Corporate Governance, and Technology, which will enable us to implement our 5 years growth plan commencing 2018.  The first steps are always the most difficult ones, however, also the most exciting in any new direction.  The direction that we are taking, will be a huge transition and will require a lot of unforgettable efforts, patience and endurance from everyone in our organization. Moreover, I would like to welcome all new joiners to Saeed Ghodran & Sons and wish them all the best in their future, with the blessing of Allah to achieve our goal as a team.

ceo biography

  • PHD and Master Degree International Business Administration, Kennedy-Western USA
  • BA, Political Science & Minor in Economics, American University in Cairo, Egypt.
  • 21 years of experience in the banking industry
  • Plan, launch, and execute the first fully digital sharia compliant commercial banking in the world
  • Funding member of the largest capital start-up bank & Insurance Company in the MENA region
  • Stablishing full-fledged Retail banking from concept, strategy, implementation, and Success
  • An inspirational leader and an outstanding team plyer
  • Problem-solving and decision-making with a passion for work well done.