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Saeed Ghodran History

Sheikh Saeed Ali Ghodran-May Allah bless his soul

From the small village of Khafa in Al Baha Region in KSA, was the start of Sheikh Saeed Ali Ghodran (May Allah have Mercy on him), From there, an orphaned child while he is at the age of seven began his dream with the objective to support his small family after parents unexpectedly passed away, where he began to cultivate crops and cattle grazing around his family house, and this was not strange at that time since life conditions was so difficult that forced him and many children of his generation to work the same way.

Later he was sent by his elder brother with the caravans going to the city of Makkah, where he worked with one of the well-known merchants, and then began to work and study in order to educate and develop himself and he worked and studied carefully in order to achieve simple improvement dreamed about .At the same time and after  seven years  he got a job in the government wireless sector and later moved to Eastern region where he joined the Ministry of Finance as treasurer and was given a responsibility to supervise the Tab line project.

Sheikh Saeed ambition and vision for the future led him to enter a new challenge, and took a decisive decision to leave the government job and enter the world of commerce by buying food items arriving at Dammam port and selling it in the local market and then begin a 70-year journey that eventually led him to become one of the most famous businessmen in the Eastern Province and whole kingdom.

The journey of Saeed Ghodran establishments which was  founded in 1940  started with diversity in all commercial and industrial sectors, where he has  invested in Real Estate and food trading  in the 1940s and in gas sector in the 1950s , as well as in the industrial sector and in particular in Petrochemical industry in the 1960s.In The late 1960s and early 1970s he signed a contract with Saudi Aramco to construct several  projects and Saudi Aramco schools in  Al-Hssa , Dammam and Jubail cities which  graduated thousands of students using the Aramco curriculum. He then expanded investments in the industrial, investment and tourism sectors in the 1970s, and later moved to invest in the health sector in the 1980s.

With the success, of Sheikh Saeed Ali Ghodran companies he focused on charity work by sponsoring much needed infrastructure projects to his beloved birthplace. These projects included providing the village with potable water, installing electrical cables, as well as providing free health services, in addition to his social and charitable activities in Eastern region which was expanded to cover various regions of Saudi Arabia.

His legacy remains alive through his sons, who together with their employees plan to provide the best services and products to the group that their father has left behind and achieve the best results to ensure that the legacy of Sheikh Saeed Ali Ghodran remains alive.