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Hospitality & Healthcare

Ghodran General Hospital

Established at 1998 in Al Bahah Region south of Saudi Arabia. Inaugurated by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz -when he was Crown Prince – and since that
moment the hospital plays a vital role and an actor in providing the finest medical services to residents and Bahah visitors.
The hospital includes many 207 rooms including 100 patients room and the rest as services and support. Its main building which rises 11 floors
contain various departments of surgery, as well as outpatient clinics for adults and children covering most medical specialties, emergency department,
and pharmacy 24 hours a day, and the latest and finest laboratory in the region.

Osama and Saeed Ali Ghodran Pharmacies

Saeed Ali Ghodran Group owns 26 pharmacies in Albahah and they were pioneer in opening such service in Albaha region.
The pharmacies played a major role in providing all type of medicine to the region populations and supported and satisfied the need of Ghodran
hospital patients.

Osama Polyclinic

Since its establishment in 1980, The Polyclinic has provided all kinds of medical services such as dental, internal, gynecological, pediatric and emergency
services at a reasonable cost.